Albacore Class

This boat class is very near and dear to us.  We’ve decided to feature the Albacore sailboat today because we received great news that our sailing club is finally reopening after having been shuttered all spring due to COVID.  Why is the Albacore close to us?  This is the sailboat we’ve learned to sail on, race on, and how we are introducing this wonderful sport and lifestyle to our kids.

We have always thought of the Albacore as an ugly little bathtub that punches way above its belt-line.  In many ways its similar to the many of the dinghy’s with comparable length and beam: the Wayfarer, 420, 470, and Lightning as a few examples.  But its tight class rules (no composites, restrictive hull design) and simple sail plan (no spinnaker) make it ideal for learning and one-design racing.

Born out of a modified Swordfish hull in 1954 by two tinkering yachtsmen riffing on Uffa Fox’s design.  Since then it has picked up a loyal following with around 9000 hulls manufactured.  The class is most popular in the UK, Eastern Canada, and New England in the US.  In Toronto, the Friday night race series is hosted throughout the summer and regularly turns out 50 boats on the start line.

This is the little boat the could and we encourage you to read up more on it:

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