Buccaneer Class

The next sailing vessel we are showcasing is the Buccaneer (dinghy) class.  This 2-person heavy-weight dinghy is a great example of a classic fractional rigged sloop.  Originally designed in 1966, and in production ever since, the Buccaneer comes in with an overall length of 18’ (5.5m), hull weight of 500lbs.  Combined with a planing hull and spinnaker it  fits perfectly into family of dinghy classes that is used successfully for teaching, cottage sailing, and one-design racing.

Why did we choose this class for the Sailing Vessel Class Insignia poster?  For one, having not just one but two crossed sabers on your sail conjures up exciting and bad ass images of pirating on the high seas.  The other is how these sabers are applied.  Each side of the main sail only has one saber applied to it.  But, when viewed from the side, the sabers appear crossed.  This slight graphic play is clever and we love little details like that.

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