International Eight Metre Class

The next class we are showcasing is the International Eight Metre.  The “eights” are a storied class designed explicitly for racing and was based on the 1907 International Rule.  When we featured the International One Metre (IOM) a few weeks ago, we noted the flexibility in hull design.  The 8mR follows the international rule which dictates a specific formula that allows for a set waterline length and beam.  Initially the First International Rule set a waterline length of 8 meters and contributed to the long overhangs and resulting beauty of these special sailboats.  The 8mR was also an Olympic Class for nearly 30 years starting in the 1908.

Subsequent changes to the International Rule have allowed for greater flexibility in beam and waterline length dimensions as well as updated that have made this class more seaworthy than the first builds.

This sailboat class is a favorite of ours and of most sailors.  If you are lucky enough to live near one of the remaining 177 vessels near you, make sure to take a few minutes and appreciate the beauty and history these boats are imbued with. 

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