Yankee Yachts

With a little under 2 weeks until the US election, we thought we would highlight a particularly American sailing vessel: the Yankee.

Yankee was a US based builder which operated in the early 1970’s.  They worked closely with the prominent naval architect Sparkman & Stephens designing and manufacturing several designs ranging from 12’ Minuteman dinghy up to a 38’ sloop rigged racer cruiser. Yankee had a short run as a yacht builder from the late 1960’s to mid 1970’s.  Boats like the 38’ had their hulls sold to Catalina where they continued to be built in modified forms.

With such a short history as a company, Yankee did not have the time to build a foundation of national fleets, enthusiasts, and a healthy resale market.  But, the small numbers of boats that were made have their fans.  Check the links below for some great stories of the Yankee boats, and the owner that love them.





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