Sailing Vessel Class Insignia Downloads

Most sailing classes have digital copies of their class insignia, but over the years, as they have changed hands multiple times, the logos have degraded in quality.

Hold Fast Sailing is proud to make available high-resolution digital, remastered, class insignia suitable for engraving, etching, silkscreening, and laser cutting purposes (TIFF, JPG, and PNG).  These are the same gold standard insignia used on our own limited edition posters and are now available for you use for your applications.  Use these digital files for t-shirts, regatta awards, engraving, sail making, and online use.

This is provided as a digital download available once purchased.

Note: The $10.00 cost for the sailing insignia digital files are a shipping and handling fee to cover data hosting fees and the delivery service.  No copyright or ownership over these insignia is stated or implied.

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